When Bad Things Happen to Good Data

When Bad Things Happen to Good Data

We’ve all had hard drives crash and gone through the hell of picking up our business lives afterwards. For individuals this can be traumatic and completely disruptive.

But what happens to the Enterprise when a database “detonates?”

It can make or break a company’s existence; so the money spent on preventing data catastrophes is well spent, but it is prudent to be prepared for the recovery of data from disaster.

The Marketing Consigliere has dedicated this blog to be about the “gathering, storing, analyzing, sharing, and acting” of marketing data; up until now he hasn’t blogged about the “storing” part of it.

For the small business person, there are actually online sites that allow and encryption backup of data automatically each day to a secure data center.  Some of these services are under $15 per month and go up with the amount of Gigabytes being backed up.  There are risks, though – some only replicate data as opposed to truly back it up for corruption-free restoration later.  Be careful in selecting your vendor and make sure their offsite configuration is truly what they claim it to be.

Net-Centric Marketing requires more and more data and businesses that realize this would be wise to invest in disaster recovery. For larger companies who know that data mining and business intelligence is their lifeblood, there are robust solutions like that recently announced by Acxiom Corporation (Nasdaq: ACXM).

When Bad Things Happen to Good Data

Acxiom is a world-class leader in interactive marketing services, and has partnered with Netezza to provide solid disaster recovery services utlilizing Netezza’s data warehouse appliance.

Whether a disaster is man-made or an Act of God, this type of protection is far less than the cost of the loss or interruption of data flow.  Ensuring that this happens is a leadership imperative for the Net-Centric Marketer.

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