Network-Centric Tools Don’t Kill – People Do

Network-Centric Tools Don’t Kill – People Do

Almost a year and a half ago The Marketing Consigliere blogged the praises of Google Earth and how businesses were using it in innovative ways.  This week, when many of us were being thankful and looking forward to a better future, reality blasted back in.  The tragedy in Mumbai has not fallen just on India, but on the international community.

It is with a heavy heart that The Marketing Consigliere hears that the perpetrators used Google Earth to plan their senseless attack.  While he abhors the use of a great tool for unadulterated evil, he knows that fortunately in the long run much good is created with it.

The positive news is how the innocent people at the scene coped and used network centric tools like cellphones, blogs and Twitter to communicate to the rest of the world and to help others navigate through the chaos.  Their brave leadership showed how simple things can shed light in the midst of darkness.  In each of the thousands of communications that were sent was an unwritten message for the entire world to see:

We, the human race, condemn your cowardly acts.  Your action will not get you the victory you so obsessively want to thrust on us. Our “weapons” are tools that spread the truth and shall cast light on you and will drown your corrupted ideas.

It is through spreading communication that positive thoughts shall defeat negative thoughts. Maybe some, but not all hearts will change for the better as these tools allow the “Wisdom of Crowds” to show the world that through the open flow of ideas we shall better ourselves, and not spiral down into darkness with those that want to drag us there.

The Marketing Consigliere does not like to preach morals and wants to return to advising on business; but this had to be said.

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