Tap11′s Intelligence Helps You Tap More Out of Twitter

Tap11′s Intelligence Helps You Tap More Out of Twitter

At TWTRCON this past June, we found out about Tap11, a Twitter business intelligence platform that allows companies to track, engage, and increase their audience with great data mining, metrics & measurement, and business intelligence capabilities.  Earlier in the spring, the San Francisco based company launched with over 100 major brands and marketing firms and is VC backed.  Allinio had the privilege of asking Adam Zbar (@zman47), Tap11′s CEO, a few questions:

Allinio:  How does your product/service allow Marketers to better gather, analyze, share, and act upon data?

Zbar:  Tap11 is the only complete, integrated platform to monitor, engage, measure, and manage your customers on the real-time web (Twitter + Facebook). Tap11 has four main use cases that allow for enhanced CRM:

1. Monitor your brand, competitors, and influencers’ conversations
2. Engage your audience across the social web with rich content
3. Measure the impact of your campaigns with overall account analytics, per-tweet analytics, and email reports
4. Manage multiple users across multiple social media accounts

Allinio:  What is the value proposition of your product/service to Marketers?

Zbar:  With full access to the Twitter firehose of 60 million tweets/day plus access to the Facebook public feed, Tap11 is the most comprehensive platform for brand monitoring, influencer discovery, and competitive share-of-voice analysis. Furthermore, Tap11 is the only client with a Webby-winning multi-media content management and publishing platform for video, photos, links, and text. Lastly, Tap11 is the only client with full campaign analytics and full account stats for Twitter and Facebook, giving you the ability to measure the ROI impact of your campaigns on the real-time web.

Allinio:  What is a common misconception that the market has about your product/service?

Zbar:  People often think that Twitter business intelligence is overly-complicated and that dashboards are cluttered and confusing. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.  Tap11 is a streamlined, comprehensive dashboard that is extremely intuitive and easy to setup and maintain.

Allinio:  What is the most successful or innovative use of your product/service by a business to date?

Zbar:  Because we are still in a private trial, we cannot disclose any customer names. However, we have had an extremely successful private trial with over 500 customers.

Allinio:  What is your greatest challenge as a marketing organization?

Zbar:  Right now, we are the only player in the market offering deep Twitter business intelligence services. As such, we’ve had amazing market traction – landing over 500 major brands and marketing firms in our trial in less than 2 months. Our challenge will be to maintain our lead over competitors given how valuable the space is; given our team’s deep enterprise experience (built the largest mobile media platform in North America for T-Mobile and ATT before Tap11), we’re confident that we will maintain our leadership position.

Allinio: Adam, thanks, and good luck to Tap11!

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