Marketing Automation & Dreamforce 2011 – Day 3

Marketing Automation & Dreamforce 2011 – Day 3

Joe Zuccaro (@joezuc), Allinio’s President & CEO, continues to blog from the Dreamforce trenches in San Francisco:

OK, only some of this was blogged in the trenches.  By Day 3 of Dreamforce, I was starting to experience “information overload,” so I had to come back East, get over the jet lag, do my laundry, and finally collect my thoughts about the last day of this terrific event.  But at least I still followed the brief format from the last two postings.


Best Marketing Automation Session of the Day

On this last full day of Dreamforce, I managed to get into all the Marketing Automation related sessions that had previously been booked full.  They were all good, but of the ones I saw, “8 Ways to Establish Integrated Sales & Marketing and Improve Sales Operations” was distinctly the most impressive.  In this session, Bill Binch, SVP of Sales at Marketo, moderated the panel of thought leaders on how to create and motivate collaborative sales and marketing teams.  There were some good lessons to be told there, but heads above the other professionals was Craig Rosenberg (@funnelholic), who gave a very thorough assessment of the state of marketing and sales alignment.  His work at Focus clearly gives him visibility across multiple industries, company sizes, and corporate cultures that enables him to share solid messages with the rest of us.


Marketing Automation Buzz of the Day

Although I did not have the pleasure of bumping into Adam Needles (@abneedles) at Dreamforce this year, there was some good buzz about his upcoming book, Balancing the Demand Equation:  The Elements of a Successful Modern B2B Demand Generation Model.  It will be available around September 19th and I for one am looking forward to it very much.  Adam is a top tier Marketing Automation professional, and has great insight from his tenure at Silverpop and his current work.

Most Fun Marketing Automation Doo-Dad of the Day

Not that a button is anything techie to write home about, but the message that Eloqua put on it is what makes this a Doo-Dad of the day: “I’m All About Revenue.”

I'm All About Revenue

Most Fun Non-Marketing Automation Doo-Dad of the Day

The Billhighway USB-drive wristband-  Not that I’d wear it in the shower, but it’s also glow-in-the-dark.

Bill Highway USB Bracelet

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