Recession & NON-Recession CRM Strategies

Recession & NON-Recession CRM Strategies

In the past, the Marketing Consigliere has made it known he’s a big fan of BtoB Magazine.  And he always takes the time to read emails that he has opted into from that impressive trade publication.

This morning he received an email from them that he found rather amusing.  The subject line stated “Recession Survival Strategies – Invest in CRM Now“  This was an announcement for a webinar similarly entitled “Recession Survival Strategies: Why It’s Important to Invest in CRM Now.”

By all means, if you are interested, participate in this event on Thursday, April 2nd.  With Ellis Booker, BtoB’s Editor, moderating a panel consisting of Chris Bucholtz, the Senior Editor at InsideCRM and Michael Thomas, Director of CRM and Social Media Strategy, Neighborhood America, this should be a very informative webinar for the CRM neophyte.

What is amusing to the Marketing Consigliere is the use of the word “Recession” in the subject line.  Regardless of the economic situation, the adoption of CRM for your enterprise is nothing less than mandatory.  Prior to the recession, CRM solutions had become so inexpensive (for example Zoho allows a company up to three user licenses at no charge – perfect for the SMBs out there who need with the ability to gather, store, analyze, share and act upon customer data) that is should have been a no-brainer.

OK, some marketer in the Crain Communications publishing empire is on the ball and had a hunch that the word “Recession” in subject lines probably gets you a higher open rate at this particular point in time.  I’m not blaming them at all, but eventually we will be out of this recession.  For companies without CRM that open the email, why have you waited this long?  Salesforce has been around about 10 years now.  Why havn’t you “gotten it” yet?  The companies that had CRM tools already and the companies that saw the light and adopted CRM tools during the recession will have a better time in the future, in the humble opinion of the Marketing Consigliere.  And the companies that still don’t get it and decline any opportunity to adopt CRM tools will find they will be “stuck” in the recession long after it’s over.


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