Products of the Year Products of the Year has named its Products of the Year for 2008.  This is the fifth year that has been helping sort out the playing field for Marketing and Sales executives who need to understand the pros and cons of various platforms out there which help their enterprise become more net-centric.

Using Marketer-friendly criteria of  InnovationPerformanceEase of IntegrationEase of UseFunctionality, and Value, along with a marketing technology “dream team” (sans the Marketing Consiglierepanel of judges , they once again present a great opportunity for business leaders to decide what might be best for their organization.

No big surprises in the “CRM Suite – Enterprise” and “Marketing Automation” categories.  Congratulations to and Aprimo, respectively.  Aprimo won back this prestige after being previously bumped by Eloqua in 2007.

It is a bit surprising to see Sales Logix in the lead for the “CRM Suite – SMB” category.  While the Marketing Consigliere admits his information is anecdotal, he keeps hearing that Sales Logix is falling out of favor as smaller businesses discover easy to implement, use, and pay for open source CRM solutions such as SugarCRM and Zoho.

It would be nice to see who the competitors were in each category were this year, and who did not make the shortlist at all.

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